Spa and wellness Ibiza

Spa and wellness Ibiza

Wellness experience

Wellness experience to

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At Wellness Ibiza, we work with you to deliver spa and wellness services to match your needs.

Relax experience

Deep Tissue

Muscle pain? Ideal treatment for muscular loads, with deep pressure according to your needs. Adapted for everyone.

Soft feel

Relaxing massage relaxes all the tensions accumulated from day to day with a gente pressure and slow movements… bye bye

Sport thai on table massage

Treatment performed on the stretcher, massage combined with stretching, deep pressure with essential oils. Return mobility to the body, feeling lighter.

Traditional Thai Massage

Futon Massage, with pressure and stretching of the whole body. It Works through the meridians of the body according to traticional thay medicine, balance the energy of our body.

Lymphatic Drainage

Body reduction treatment, we will focus on an area in which we will work the accumulations of fat to help eliminate it, very convenient to improve circulation and oxygenate the body.

Reducing treatment

Body reduction treatment, we will focus on an area in which we will work the accumulations of fat to help eliminate it, very convenient to improve circulation and oxygenate the body.


Manual therapy in which we will help our body to release the tensions caused by bad postures and falls. Deep work, suits everyone. Lease with headaches.

Taqa therapy

Massage with gentle pressure on our body, activation of the chakras with reiki energy. Activate the energy, you feel stronger and connected to you.

Head+ neck+ shoulders

Massage to release stress, also indicated for please with headaches.

Facial treatments


Deep facial massage favors the flexibility and toning of the facial muscles, reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, very draining.

Deep facial treatment

Treatment with biological products for your skin, cell renewal with peeling suitable for summer, massage with a personalized cocktail of oils and a specific mask for your skin, to hydrate, nourish or mattify as the case may be

Facial detox

For cases of acne or skin suffocated by tobacco, pollution or other causes, deep exfoliation to remove all excess sebum or dullness, specific biological products, serum, cream, and mask to restore skin health. Hand massage while we have the mask on display.

Facial drain

Facial lymphatic drainage massage. Face, neck and décolleté. Continuous gentle pressures, renewal of circulation and facial oxygen. Beneficial for inflamed eyes and loss of the oval shape. A genuinely nice and relaxing massage.



Treatment for the hands, beautify our nails and keep them healthy. Cut or file what is necessary, cuticle removal and we will finish with a massage. And the color you choose for the nails.


Treatment for the feet, beautify the nails and polish the base of the feet, lighter and softer feet.


Option of semi-permanent nail polish, with a duration of approximately 15 days depending on the growth of the nail. Longer nail polish and brighter effect.


Blow dry

Drying and styling for you hair. Smooth, waves, curly… Feel free.

Hair up/ braids

Creating volumes and textures in your hair, up up up.

Hair cut

Give structure and shape to your hair to get the best style for you.

Extra wash

Enjoy a relaxing wash and conditioning for your hair and scalp, with the most suitable products.

Healthy hair

Maintenance and prevention of good quality for your hair, hydration and deep restructuring.

Long lasting treatment

This organic keratin treatment controls frizz and unwanted volumes of your hair, giving i tan unbeatable quality and infinite shine for 3-6 months. For an easier day by day.

Mobile spa services

Our luxurious mobile spa massages are not just a treat for your body, but also for your mind and spirit. Experience the healing touch of our skilled therapists, who will help release tension, improve circulation, and promote a sense of tranquility and well-being.Book your mobile spa massage today and let us bring the ultimate luxury and relaxation experience to your doorstep. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in a world of pure bliss and serenity. You deserve it!